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15' Telescoping Bird Pole/Feeder Pole
15' Telescoping Bird Pole/Feeder Pole

15' Telescoping Bird Pole/Feeder Pole

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This true telescoping bird pole recently introduced by Telepole Mfg. Inc. will meet all your needs for bird feeders, bird houses, and Purple Martin dwellings. It comes in THREE sizes from 10’ to 15’ tall. Constructed with the heaviest aircraft aluminum wall thickness (11 gauge versus 16 gauge of all other poles) so it can withstand high winds and moderate weights (approximately 10 pounds).  All telescoping bird poles are three sections and have a base diameter of 2".

Easy to raise and lower, with the stainless steel spring buttons which helps prevent dropping like other poles. The poles weight ranges from 7 to 11 pounds depending on the pole length. With an easy to install PVC ground pipe, as well as easy pole operations, our bird poles make the best and most attractive in the market at the lowest possible price.

There are several different options for our telescoping bird poles.  You can add as many different options to the bird poles that suit your needs.  

Option 1 

  • Comes with a pressure treated polyurethane 6”x6” base with a ½” hole in the middle (Birdhouse not included)
  • Pole includes a strong aluminum threaded insert
  • Hardware is included (bolts, nuts) for securing the bird house on the top of the bird pole
  • Can be used for Purple Martin houses
  • Extra strength aluminum threaded topper - This is a solid aluminum 1/2" threaded topper and is recommended if you are installing a bird pole plate at the top of the bird pole 

Option 2

One very large bird feeder bowl will provide both a feeding tray and a cover to keep rain away during feeding.

  • 1. This stainless steel bowl is very durable and elegant and will sustain large amounts of bird feeds.
  • 2. Bird feeder size is 11”x 11” x 11” - Holds two quarts of seeds and will eliminate any spillage over the sides that will make a big mess at the bottom of your bird pole.
  • 3. The top is adjustable for controlling the size of birds that may feed on your bird feeders
  • 4. There are no wasted seeds and mess at the base of the pole that can attract squirrels and sparrows.
  • 5. Easy to clean and refill
  • 6. It will accommodate 4-5 birds at one time
  • 7. Ease visibility to attract songbirds
  • 8. The top bowl provides a cover for the lower bowl that will keep much of the rain away
  • 9. Easy visibility of birds during feeding time.

Option 3

Cross mounted aluminum round rods (2) that will accommodate four bird feeders 

  • A set of two aluminum round rods attached to the sides of the bird pole
  • Two hooks at each end of the round rods to tie the bird feeders

Option 4

Squirrel guard protector
  • This is a single stainless steel bowl that is installed upside down to help prevent squirrels from making it the entire way up the pole and stealing your bird feed

Option 5
  • Choose between the standard 1/2" thermoplastic topper or the extra strength solid aluminum threaded topper. The solid aluminum threaded topper is recommended to use for bird houses if you have your own mounting plate (plate not included).
Option 6
  • This is a combination of option 2 and 4.  This combination is the bird bowl with cover and the squirrel guard protector.

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