28' Sectional Flagpole - 2.75
Aluminum Sectional Flagpole

28' Sectional Flagpole - 2.75"Diameter - Rope Option

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Telepole's 28’ sectional flagpole consists of (5) six foot 10 gauge sections, all 2.75" diameter tubes. The pole includes a 15 year warranty, weather included.

Made with high quality, high strength, 7000-T8 series aluminum.

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Sectional Flagpoles

Q.  What is wrong with the smaller residential sectional flagpoles?

A. They bend.

Q. But why? 

A. Simply because most of them are imports that they use lesser, cheaper strength aluminum and/or very small wall thickness of 18 or 16 gauge.

Read the reviews of any big chain stores and you will consistently see the same comments over and over again, “They bend, they break in half, not to be used in high windy conditions, etc.”

Yes. They will do a great job, if you install them in your living room. 

USA Made 17', 23', and 28' Sectional Flagpoles
**We highly recommend that if you are between two sizes that you size up!   If you find that the pole is "too short" after installing, and you want to add an additional tube later - the cost will be higher (cost of the tube, new rope, shipping cost, etc).   The flagpoles will be installed about 18" into the ground.

Telepole is continuing to change up the sectional flagpole market. We are now offering our sectional flagpole in 3 diameters - 2", 2.4" and our biggest diameter of 2.75".  All 3 sizes are available in 17', 23', or 28'.  

Our new 2.75" diameter flagpole is the strongest sectional flagpole yet.  Our strong aluminum tubes feature double the wall thickness (10 gauge), all manufactured with our unique 7000-T8 series aluminum of double the strength of any 6000 -T4/6 series.

These new sectional 7000 series aluminum flagpoles of nearly 70,000 PSI are stronger than mild steel ones of 54,000 PSI and any and all other sectional flagpoles of 23,000 to 28000  PSI.

Continuing our motto, “Strongest in the market flagpoles,” this 10 gauge aluminum carries a 15 year warranty, including weather damage. Any and all parts of the flagpole can be replaced within fifteen years for a minimal charge for shipping and handling only.  We will continue to support our products indefinitely even after the fifteen years warranty has expired, with a low cost for any and all parts.

A great, super strong flagpole at a reasonable price for your own use and/or gift that will last many years.

The indisputable case with our Telepole aluminum Telescoping flagpoles is that they are the strongest in the market (presently Telepole offers 10 different styles and sizes telescoping flagpole – and growing). With our newest line of sectional flagpoles we provide you the same top quality and strength as our telescoping flagpoles.  All of that is made proudly in the USA.

Our 17’ sectional flagpole consists of (3) six foot 10 gauge sections.  While our 23’ sectional flagpoles consists of (4) six foot 10 gauge sections.  Our 28' sectional flagpoles consist of (5) six foot 10 gauge sections.  

Our flared tubes are inserted 5" into each other to provide extra security and sturdiness - unlike other sectional flagpoles that go only 3" into each other. 

Telepole now offers an add-on option for a free standing, stainless steel, U-shaped dual button system ($25.00).  This helps to add additional security at each joint of your sectional flagpole.  This prevents the tubes from twisting and turning from nature's forces. 

Rope type Flagpoles includes:
1.  3" Aluminum ball (ball color will be silver or gold, depending on in-stock availability); 

2.  Large stainless steel cleat

3.  Extra thick custom aluminum ground sleeve

4. Strong thick breaded  rope

5.  Heavy stainless steel rope topper with pulley.

6.  Heavy duty ten gauge aluminum tubes

7. Four stainless steel clips

8.  Easy to install instructions.

This beautiful flagpole will add new beauty to your yard and house. 

Let Old Glory fly proudly in front of your home.  

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