30' Beaded Retainer Ring - Fits 5' Pole Base Diameter

30" Beaded Retainer Ring - Fits 5" Pole Base Diameter

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  • Beaded retainer rings help to keep your flag taut against the flagpole. This can help to extend your flag life as it reduces the stress on your flag grommets when the flag blows in high winds.
  • Heavy-duty 1/4" stainless steel (304) braided wire and thimble. High quality 1" acrylic beads. Five Year Warranty on the retainer ring. Fits flagpoles with a base diameter of 5" or less
  • Quick and easy installation - Secure the retainer ring with the provided stainless steel clip and attach it to the clip to the flag grommet.
  • Eliminate the sloppy "sail boat" effect and proudly fly your flags with the retainer bead and clip that allows you to fly your flag taut against your flagpole.
  • Fits Flagpoles with a 5" base diameter or less

*Includes One Beaded Retainer Ring and One Stainless Steel Clip

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