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Superior Strength 7000-T8 series Aluminum Telescoping flagpoles

First Ever in 80 Years

Over the eighty years, the aluminum flagpole industry has been satisfied with using LOWER strength materials like the 6000 series aluminum, erroneously called “aircraft aluminum”.

While this type of aluminum is widely used for many products, including the sinks in the A/C toilets, and other interior aircraft parts, it is a misconception that the aircraft themselves are constructed from this material.

For the first time ever, Telepole Manufacturing Inc. is proud to introduce a HIGHER QUALITY, HIGHER STRENGTH flagpole with its new 7000 SERIES ALUMINUM. ­­

Our 7000 series aluminum tubes – measured in the high 60,000-70,000 PSI tensile strength is more than twice  the 18,000-30,000 PSI of other 6000 aluminum series flagpoles.

We have doubled the wall thickness from 16 gauge (0.052”) to Telepole’s exclusive 10 GAUGE (0.102”) thickness, greatly increasing the flagpole’s strength.

In addition, we have increased the base diameter in reference to other flagpoles, up to 3.50”.

This solidifies our standing as the STRONGEST aluminum telescoping flagpole in USA.

Currently, we make the strongest and only one, 30 Foot aluminum telescoping flagpole in the world.

Our Process

The first step of our dual process begins with the extrusion of the aluminum tubes. Then the tubes are processed   to a “Cold Drawn” tube with the higher TEMPER STRENGTH (T) of T-8 instead of the commonly used T-4 or T-6, thus increasing the strength and beauty to its highest levels.

Our flagpoles are the ONLY ones in the USA with A.7000 series aluminum B.10 gauge wall thickness and C 3.50” flagpole base.

So the next time anyone else claims they have a stronger telescoping flagpole, simply say…..Yeah, right.

Why Now? 

So why has the aluminum flagpole industry waited so long to make this transition from 6000 to 7000 series aluminum   of a much HIGHER STRENGTH and QUALITY.

The answer is very simple.  COST.

A typical manufacturer’s motto is “Low cost- High profits”. But our motto has always been “The Best Product – Affordable Cost = Customer Satisfaction” which is what governs the most successful business thinking in the United States today.

The large, expensive stores are disappearing. The malls are closing and new, giant ventures, like Amazon are thriving.

The era of online shopping has arrived that offers options and savings for the consumer and we intend to grow with your satisfaction and support for a product that will adorn your property and proudly fly the Old Glory for many years to come.

Every Telepole flagpole carries a full 15 YEAR WARRANTY under any weather conditions, meaning that if any of the aluminum tubes bend or break, Telepole will replace these tubes for FREE, minus the cost of shipping.


Note: Telepole proudly manufactures their flagpoles in Northeast Pennsylvania, USA, and has been receiving technical assistance from our local University of Engineering.