7000-T8 Series Aluminum

Superior Strength and corrosion resistance 7000-T8  series aluminum telescoping and sectional flagpoles.

First ever in 80 Years

For over 80 years, the aluminum flagpole industry has been using some 6000 series aluminum tubing of mediocre strength, erroneously and misleading, called "Aircraft grade aluminum".

These different types of 6000 series aluminum are used for many products like doors, windows, a/c, sinks and toilets giving the wrong impression that the Aircraft fuselage and wings are constructed from these kind of materials. They are not!

Aircraft parts are made of SEAMLESS tubing and not what they advertise as: “Aircraft grade Aluminum".

Can you imagine flying at 35,000 feet and the aluminum parts started falling apart at the seams?

But no need to worry because for sure they will, first, fall apart on takeoff at 100,000 lbs of engine thrust!

For the first time ever, Telepole Mfg Inc. is proud to introduce much higher quality and strength flagpoles made out of COLD DRAWN SEAMLESS 7000-T8 series aluminum.

Our telescoping flagpoles have double the wall thickness (10 Gauge) and tensile strength of the tubing. We increased the base diameter all the way from 2.4” to 3.50" and at various heights from 16'-40'.

Unquestionably, undisputedly, and unequivocally Telepole is the strongest aluminum telescoping and sectional flagpole in the USA and Planet Earth.

Of course, everybody else's flagpole is, “The strongest, the best, etc. etc” for I have never seen, or read anywhere advertising that their flagpole is the “worst” – or "Please, buy my flagpole. It is the worst in the USA!"....

The   Best!   But Why?
The Process!

The first two steps in making our 7000 series tubing is similar to other aluminum tubes.

1. The aluminum material is heated to 400 plus degrees and pushed through a "die” that will take the shape of prearranged form.

2. Then, it will be stretched, cooled off and eventually get cut to desired sizes.

BUT this is NOT the end when it comes to the production of 7000-T8 Aluminum tubes.

3. Now the tubes will be COLD PULLED DRAWN through another expensive “die” that will eliminate the imperfections, greatly increase the strength, and give it a smooth, attractive surface.

4. It will artificially aged and finally,

5. After 18 hours plus, in  very high temperatures it will harden to the extra strength of T8 (T8=temper = strength)

It is a  very slow and expensive process and that's  why the other  Companies  do not use  the 7000 T-8  aluminum. You know how it goes...Low cost, Higher profits.

Last but not least the aluminum tubes will go through an electrochemical process, called anodizing.

On the average, during the Anodizing process, the factory will use between 2.5 to 5.0 Microns in comparison to our 13 microns or 300% more microns in coating the tube surface, thus, becoming more resistant to scratching and discoloration.

This long, expensive and much more costly process along with  the chemical compositions (ingredients) of the 7000-T8  series aluminum will  give you the strongest (even stronger than mild steel), smoothest, very low corrosive and  beautiful  aluminum flagpole to be envied by most and admired by all.

A flagpole that will last you for a long, long time and is backed by a 15 year all weather guarantee.

We know your neighbors will be jealous of your Telepole and its beauty. A flagpole made by Americans and for Americans.

A truly great product that you deserve to have for yourself and/or your loved ones!

Well....call us at 570-546 3699 and/or order it directly through our website https://tele-pole.com

God bless America and all your loved ones!

And FINALLY – “If it Ain’Telepole – it Ain’t the Best!”