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Classic/Superior 1 Nautical Flagpole Kit ONLY

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Convert your existing Telepole telescoping flagpole into a Nautical Telescoping Flagpole!
Part Number: Classic/Superior 1 Nautical Flagpole Kit
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Nautical Flagpole Conversion kit - Patent US D743,840 S

Nautical Flagpole Conversion Kits are available for Telepole Classic, Superior 1 and Superior 2 telescoping flagpoles.  Add this nautical flagpole conversion kit to your existing Telepole flagpole to add beauty to your property.  

The kits include the following:

1. A Nautical yardarm with hooks on each end
2. Bracket to attach the yardarm
3. One drill bit and two cleats to attach to the bottom section of the flagpole
4. Two Ropes and rope connectors
5. Four stainless steel clips to attach two flags - Additional flags can be added by purchasing more stainless steel clips

Our Nautical Flagpole kit is compatible with flagpoles manufactured by Telepole Manufacturing Inc only.  These kits cannot be used for other telescoping flagpoles due to different diameters and features of our pole.  

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