Our upgraded ball bearing system will work with your existing telepole flagpole!

Telepole strives to improve and make our flagpoles far Superior than any other telescoping flagpoles on the market!  We recently introduced our long awaited ball bearing swivel ring system.  

While we currently have our "old, outdated" plastic swivel rings still available - We highly recommend upgrading to our new system!

The system is ONLY available for flagpoles that were manufactured by Telepole Mfg Inc.  Our parts are made specifically for our telescoping flagpoles only, and they will NOT work for any other manufacturer poles.  

The ball bearing swivel ring system consists of the ball bearing swivel ring (available for our 1.38" and 2" top diameter telescoping flagpoles) and 2 beaded retainer rings.  The system will allow you to fly 2 flags with your existing stainless steel clips.  

Our ball bearing system will also work with your existing plastic threaded topper - or we now have an upgraded solid aluminum threaded. The aluminum threaded topper is highly recommended if you are mounting a light, eagle, etc. on the top of your flagpole.

We do not offer the ball bearing swivel ring on our website for purchase due to too many customers purchasing replacement parts for other flagpole manufacturers.

However, you may inquire about purchasing the ball bearing swivel ring system by email: [email protected]

Current pricing for the system is as follows:

1.38" Top diameter system (Flagpoles with a 2.25", 2.4", 2.5", and 2.75" base diameter) - $30.00 plus $4.95 shipping

2" Top diameter system (Flagpoles with a 3.5" base diameter) - $35.00 plus $6.95 shipping

Aluminum threaded topper - $9.95

Please be sure to measure your flagpoles top/bottom diameter for the correct size ball bearing system.

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