We had sustained winds of 65mph with gusts much higher. Neighbor across street had flagpole on the ground and neighbor beside him had his leaning badly. We have the 20' tele-pole, untouched by the wind we received. Family had one of these up in Northwest Iowa which is why I bought this one 9 years ago. It's like new. On Website now as ad kids and brother are going in as a a group on getting a Vietnam Vet family member one for Christmas. Two flags as well.

Todd Mooney, personal

 I've had the Superior 2 20' telescoping flagpole installed for about 2 weeks. I anchored it with 180' concrete. It is an exceptionally strong and well built pole. The heavy gauge is definitely worth the price compared to 16 gauge cheaper poles. Very stable in wind. The tolerances of the pole sections and ground sleeve are excellent. Locking system is better than other brands. Highly recommend and would buy from this manufacturer again.

James Rodowca, Acupuncture One, LLC


Installed Superior 1 25 foot flagpole today. It has 50 pounds of gravel, 6 2 foot pieces of rebar and 200 pounds of concrete. I don't think it is going to move. Follow the directions and in two days you can have a beautiful flagpole. I wanted one with a stronger tube. 16 gauge is not strong enough. I have two flags on mine. American flag and the U.S. Air force flag. Both are 4x6 feet. Thanks Again! For the prompt service.

Walter Kurycz Jr


The Telepole 20' Classic telescoping pole is the best product ever made. As a Veteran, I am VERY PROUD of the products you are manufacturing. Everything that was mentioned on Amazon about this pole was exactly as advertised.

Thank You.

~Jason Aboytes, Veteran~

 We are truly blessed to be able to fly our flag high and proud. The quality of the material and ease of use make this tele-pole at joy to own. Thanks for fulfilling one of my dreams on our homestead.

Dwayne Smith

Recently purchased one of your 20 foot flagpoles and am very happy with it as we are on top of a hill and we do get some strong winds,,,very nice to have this landmark that is straight and sturdy.

from a Canadian in Cobourg Ontario, Herman van der Veen, retired

I purchased the 16 foot classic telescoping flag pole in June 2011. I live in Central Florida with high humidity and strong winds. I fly a 3x5 US flag and never had one problem, Best company and flag pole you can buy bar none. Finish is as good as the day I installed never a problem putting it up or down,,,,Thank you for making the BEST FLAG POLE MONEY CAN BUY,,,,God Bless John Gove

John Gove, N/A

 I purchased the 30 Ft "Superior Three" Telescoping Flagpole last summer. Couldn't be happier with the quality and workmanship. It's already been through several storms with high winds while flying 2 flags and was never affected.

Bob A.


Purchased an 18' Sectional Flagpole 2.4" Diameter - with Rope option and received right on schedule. The bottom section was slightly out of round on the small end and was difficult to fit into the second section, but, once seated gives a nice tight, solid fit. I am hoping to be able to get an additional section to increase the height to 23'.

The material is far superior to the materials of the one this is replacing, much heavier metal. My old flagpole failed the first time we had any high winds.

I highly recommend Tele-Pole brand.


Jerry Williams - Willisville, AR

I think your flag poles are awesome I was worried about extending it because of problems with my arms but wasn't bad at all.Thanks so much.I put it up in honor of my dad a World War 2 veteran Thanks again

Robert DeHart

Received 16' Tele-Pole. Slight damage, which was rectified POLITELY AND IMMEDIATELY by the Tele-Pole folks.
Now that it's installed, we love it. Easy to use, easy to remove and install, and easy to extend and return to small size.
I called a few times, both before and after the sale, and received polite and helpful assistance at all times.

Highly recommend!
-Matt M, Homeowner

My new telescoping flagpole is just great. I received it as a Christmas gift in Dec 17 and just got enough of the planned garden renovation done in April so I could install my flagpole. The included directions were easy. I also looked at several ways to make the flagpole area beautiful and keep my feet out of the mud. The pavers and marble chips really pop and set the flagpole and aluminum base cover in a mud free section of our front garden. I also used a 12" diameter cardboard by 2' concrete form (cylinder) to keep the concrete evenly distributed and ended up using 3 60 lb. bags on concrete.

I love the easy way it goes up and down whenever I want to change flags for National holidays or special events. Worth every penny for a hurricane ready solution (Yes, I just collapse it and take it into the garage for the storm). You will like it I am sure.

-Tom and Sally Rock, Jacksonville, FL

 Bought a 10' and 13' bird pole. I am disabled and had no problem installing the poles. Definitely a quality product, and easy installation. I used 5/16" fuel line about a 1/2" wide on the hanger rods to secure the rods from sliding. The rubber fuel line fits snug to the rod but can be slid easily.

-Ed H., Home

 Just put up my 30' Superior Three flagpole. It was easy, and it is beautiful. Highly recommend this pole to anyone looking for the highest quality at the most affordable price!

-Terrill Bybee

I purchased a 20 foot flag pole several years ago and have been very proud to have it in the front yard. Recently in mid June we had and F1 and an F2 tornadoes pass over very close to our house. in the storm with winds up to 130 mph I lost 3 mature trees on our lot.
Two 30 foot pine trees were complete uprooted and a 40 foot elm was destroyed with large branches damaging our house.
My Tele-Pole flag pole came through the storm without a scratch, standing as proudly as if nothing happened.
I highly recommend the Tele-Pole Telescoping flag pole for anyone considering. It's quality design, materials and manufacturing are superior and a proven success after our recent severe weather.

-Tom C. : Bellevue, NE


Purchased from telepole and have had up about 2 months. Easy install and easy to raise and lower. This is my second flagpole. The first was another much lighter pole. Telepole is the best quality pole I could find and more reasonable than many others. I just ordered another for my daughters new home. Telepole is very easy to deal with and responsive to their customers. Great company.

-Lloyd McCullough, None

Bought Superior 2 telescoping pole. Received with damaged top ornament and several broken plastic rings. Tele-Pole Sales sent replacement parts very quickly. Pole was easy to install and looks awesome. Highly recommend company and product.

-Nick, Home

I ordered the 20' Superior One Flagpole and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. It was a fine quality flagpole and looked better than I had envisioned. Haven't yet installed, but so far, it appears that I made the right choice as I have seen other manufacturers and this one is definitely a cut above. Also the people are really good to deal with, and the choice of purchasing a USA made item was definitely the right one. 5 Stars

-Floyd Kasper

Purchase the superior one pole approx. 2 months ago. This is a excellent pole. Highly recommended. I live out in the country. Very windy had winds in excess of 60 plus mph. Very happy with this purchase. Goop company to deal with. Thanks Telepole. Thomas S.

-Thomas S

I received the 25ft superior #1 pole 6 days early. I am 76years old and I put it up by myself .went up easy.anybody can do it . it is beautiful .happy I did not buy a cheaper unit . at my age it will last for ever. 4-25- 17 Greensburg indiana

-david r. york, private citizen

 Frankly I could not believe the quality of the product when I received it. I bought the 16' Telescoping Flagpole and, at less than $200, I was concerned that the quality wouldn't be so great. Just goes to show how fabulous it is to receive a Made in America product when we all have become accustomed to all the imported ****!! Great job guys!

-Philip Sergeant

 I ordered and installed a Superior 1 in Florida, It arrived quickly and was easy to install and set up. The quality of the pole is excellent and I have no regrets. However, for you folks who live on the coast with sandy soil as I do you may want to dig a wider and deeper hole and use more concrete or the winds will have your super strong flag pole lying on it's side... I see a lot of cheaper bent poles and leaners here in the panhandle...

-Kelvin H.

 Got a Flag from daughters for Christmas. Bought 20' superior. Went up nice. Great quality. Live in a old farm house in Galax Virginia built in 1900. On top of a mountain. Can see my flags almost a mile away love it. Would recommend this pole to everyone. Thanks tel-pole.

-Bob k

 I purchased the 20' superior flagpole. The package was delivered in a timely fashion with the exception of the LED solar light which was backordered. Instruction were fairly clear. Ground prep and installation took me about an hour. I let concrete set per instructions and extended flagpole without issue. The only issue I have is the very cheap 2 piece gold ball (plastic) that was included in the package. Considering the quality flagpole, flag and clips, the ball is a cheap piece of junk. The solar light came in about 2 weeks later and was installed and works very well. I plan to research and find a quality ball or some other poletop fixture. I highly recommend the flagpole.

- Bill Hagerty

I ordered a 20 foot Superior Telescopic Flagpole just in time for the Fourth of July. After a brief conversation with the people at Telepole, I felt comfortable installing the pole (which I over did their recommendations). Approximately six weeks later we had a storm come thru western Kansas with sustained 92 MPH winds for an extended time. The flagpole curved but did not break although the flag and lanyard did not fare that well. This flagpole impresses me as a truly quality product and the people I talked were able to answer my questions. GREAT COMPANY GREAT PEOPLE!

Thank You


January of 2015 I bought my 20' Flagpole from Tele-Pole and every part of my business interactions with Kim (the owner) has been extremely pleasant and very professional! I live in the southwestern desert where the winds can be brutal and this pole is the very best, withstanding admirably the pressures put upon it.

Just recently I needed a minor repair and Tele-Pole took care of me without hesitation and at no cost other than a small amount for shipping. When dealing with Tele-Pole you get the maximum customer care, excellent product, great support and a feeling of such satisfaction knowing your product is the best in the neighborhood.

I will recommend Kim and Tele-Pole to all who may express an interest!

-Wayne Schlecht